Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Update

My Mom came over tonight to babysit so I could go to CVS. The baby did ok while I was gone (I was secretly hoping she would be torn up) but the hello I got when I came home was fantastic! I think that child levitated because her little legs were kicking so much! I also got a true squeal of joy and a hug when I picked her up :) I'm the mama :)

I took this picture not so much to show how messy the house is (it is trashed) but to show how long and full her hair has gotten. Isn't it pretty?

Ok back to CVS!

I did three transactions.

Meter 19.99
- 9.95 manu coupon
------ 11.XX oop

3 boxes of Cascade
3 bags of the Cascade gel packs
------------------ $1.06 OOP

8 Dove hairsprays
2 Dove mouses
5 Dove shampoos
5 Dove conditioners
20 $2 off coupons - $6.XX OOP - this was my fun transaction, it was over $100 then they zapped my card and did the coupons. I got a wow from the lady behind me heee heee heee

That used up all my ECBs for that card. I know, I am bad, I do have two of was the Cascade temptation that made me do it! But now I have enough to last for a year. That seems to be a theme with me, I want to stock up on everything for a year so if I start missing deals when I am working full time, it won't be a big deal. I'll be able to slack off :) Tomorrow I get to stock up on Ziplocs woot!

My Mom worked a wedding today with her BFF who caters. They had a lot of no shows and I ended up with the leftovers. I have 20 pounds of fruit and 150 little sandwiches in my house right now (to go with the 15 pounds of fruit I already had!). I am not quite sure how I am going to with all of it. I did take the apple slices and bake them because I figured they'd turn brown. I am going to freeze those and start on the fresh fruit. Unfortunately I cooked a huge meal today and we are overrun with leftovers!


Mom2fur said...

You did great at CVS! And the baby is adorable. I used to love it when I came home and my kids would all run to give me hugs. There's nothing like a cuddly baby to make you feel special.

Jackie said...

Oh Man! I wish I lived nearby...I would help to take that fruit off your hands..... And I can relate about the daydreaming about shopping... we are in the process of an international adoption....we don't even know if it will be 2 boys or 2 it's hard to even daydream somedays! lol!