Monday, February 25, 2008

A new alternative to Paypal with a free $25 sign up bonus

Revolution Money Exchange is an online bank that is trying to mimic what Paypal does but without the fees.

To spread the word, if you open an online account with them, you get a $25 new account bonus. You will need to provide your SSN because it is a FDIC insured bank. You do not need to deposit any money. It only took me 2 minutes to sign up!

I am sending out referral links to anyone who is interested. Just email me and I'll send you one asap. I will get $10 in my account which I'll transfer to the adoption fund.

I am going to keep this at the top of my posts for a bit so everyone can see. With Ebay fees going up (they own Paypal too) it would be nice to pay for items without having an additional fee.

Thanks a bunch!

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