Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Update

Cutie pie got some cute stuffed animals for her shower, Christmas and her birthday. Plus mama bought her a bunch too. Every so often I give her a new one. Today it was the purple hippo, she's giving it some love :)

Today and tomorrow sort of got flip flopped. My Mom had the opportunity to work out of state and make an extra $40-50 in mileage money so she didn't come over and watch the baby. So tomorrow is my great bathroom refresh/makeover! :)

Carla, her mom, the girls and I went to eat Chinese for lunch. It was rather tasty, I had the General Tso's chicken which wasn't spicy at all. The baby had noodles (of course). Here are some pics...

Bring me my stinkin noodles!

mmm mmm good!

Tia was so cute eating her fortune cookie :)

Then we went to baby depot. In my great trying on session with clothes, I discovered I didn't have enough clothes for Natalie to make it through a week at daycare. I guess I hadn't thought about how many PJ days we were having (7 pairs of jammies, 3 real world outfits lol). So I thought about it and decided to return the 3 pairs of shoes I got at Target because I though the strap would not hold on the Mary Jane sneaker if she was trying to walk. And that the purple ones wouldn't hold up to walking. So with that in mind (trying to keep in budget here, we have tutus to buy) I got her two daycare outfits and a different pair of shoes. I think the shoes are really cool, they are similar to the purple ones but have nice gripper traction bottoms. Sort of a flexible tennis shoe hybrid.
This ended up being too big, it was the only one they had. I am going to keep it and it will be her 5th fall/winter daycare outfit for later this year. It is soft and loud, I love it lol

This is a dress over leggings, cute huh?

The tennis shoe slipper shoe hybrid

And of course in typical Kim fashion, I bought two dresses that were too big for her. They are identical cuts in different sizes. The burgundy is marked a 3T but measures more like a 24 month. The green is a size 5 that measures more like a 3T. So I figure this year and next :) Tia got the green dress in the same size as Natalie's burgundy dress and they are going to have pictures made together this fall!
These dresses were just $3.50 marked down from $22.99, aren't they pretty?

And check this out! Carla told me that Tia drank from a sippy cup with a flexible spout. I got one for Natalie and look! She likes it!
(yes I was taking pictures in Baby Depot hehe)

I got the two outfits and the shoes for the same price of the Target shoes I am returning. The cup and dresses...well ok I just bought those :) I am trying hard not to spend money but this month for some reason I am having a hard time. And tomorrow I have my 90K mile tune up on the car at the "tune" of $600 eeeck!


K said...

Hi, I can't find your email address even though I know you emailed me. There is a site comparing the cheapest diapers - disposables - so I commented in favor of cloth diapers and wondered if you would, too.

Here's the link:

We've got to inform these future mamas...

Nicole said...

Hi! I found your blog somehow and then realized you are on the Dis! I post there some but read often!! I have a question about PayPerPost. I signed up but haven't received any offers. I am trying to boost my blog rating but I am lost as to how. Any suggestions? I am a mother of a one year old and one on the way. It really isn't as glamorous as your blog but I am trying! I love reading all of your posts. You have inspired me to try the CVS game!!

Kim said...

Hey K- I posted a book about cloth diapers on Stephe's blog lol

Hey Nicole - email me, this blog name at

There are a few things you can do to increase your blog rank and get offers :)

Go DIS! lol

OziMum said...

I love the new clothes - and the shoes are soo cute!

Great news that Natalie is drinking from a cup! Saves alot of washing up!