Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Update

Natalie is still snotty. I still look like I lost a fight. Besides that, everything is normal!

Today they did Easter at daycare. I was really surprised with all the stuff a 1 year old got! Natalie gets a little bit of chocolate, if I give her, say 2 chocolate kisses, she'll drive me nuts. So she gets chocolate chips, like 4 of them spread out. She got chips, sugar cereal packs, suckers, candy bars, bubbles (really cute) a necklace (we'll keep), peeps, jellybeans, gumballs, gum - a TON of stuff. I was just really surprised.

We aren't much of a trinket sort of household. I'll keep her egg necklace (a plastic egg with holes drilled for a ribbon with easter grass glued in the bottom with a chick made of pipe cleaners glued to the grass - it's cuter than it sounds!) and bubbles. I'll give the sugar treats away. Mean mommy huh?

Tomorrow is our Easter playdate with all the other little Chinese girls. We are eating Japanese then going to a park to play. We are taking 12 eggs to hide, filled with stickers and a little bit of candy (I know, after I just complained about the candy she got lol). She'll get to bring 12 eggs home and I think that will be it for what she gets for Easter. I am not sure when Easter became such a commercial holiday but it's crazy. I might sound like crazy mean mommy but she doesn't need anymore stuffed animals, I have tons put away that she hasn't even seen. She doesn't need candy, I have a hard enough time brushing her teeth as is. I saw a little girl throw a fit screaming that she wanted a princess basket in the isle at all are my witness - I will not have a child like that! We are also doing another egg hunt at Tia's church on Saturday, that will be a lot of fun too!

So let's talk about grocery prices and how they are going up. I didn't notice a difference until this week. What set it off was the lack of cheap eggs for Easter. Eggs are always cheap this time of year. But not this year, $1.50 a dozen was the best they had. My grocery bill was 20% higher this week than previous weeks. That is quite a jump.

Now not to start a "holy cow the worlds gonna end!" type of discussion, but I think prices will continue to climb as we slowly sink into a recession. I am thinking about pulling $200 out of savings to stock up on pantry items before prices get any higher. Has anyone else thought about doing that? What items would you buy?

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Eliza2006 said...

Yes, this is on my mind constantly. My church has been telling us for years to have a years supply of food. I have nothing beside a few cans downstairs. I need to get on top of it! Here is a link re: food storage. I'm going to actually read it and go buy a few things this've inspired me once again!,10803,1653-1,00.html
Oh, and gross that they give the kids all of that junk. Unfortunately any junk that Eliza get will be eaten by me!