Sunday, March 02, 2008

Inbox Dollars

Let's talk a minute about Inbox Dollars. This is the only "click here for a few cents" type site that I visit right now. After reading tons of frugal blogs I know I am way behind everyone else lol But I can't seem to focus on more than one site at a time.

I have been clicking on the links every so often that come into my email. With my sign up bonus, I am up to $7 woohoo lol

Then I started looking around. There are tons of offers that have free trials that they'll give you cash to join, then you just cancel before they bill you.

You can earn...
$4 for requesting more information about arthritis medicine (for my parents) zero cost
$7 for trying (for shipping Ebay stuff)
$8 for requested a free credit report
$10 for trying Experian credit monitoring
$8 for trying a discount coupon type site
$5 to try emusic
$5 to try Clever Island (I think this is reading for kids)
$4 to try a AAA type service
$10 to join the cat in the hat club, 7 books for about $10 so this works out to zero
$10 to try blogging for dollars
$5 to join Ebay
$15 to do Columbia House's DVD program (this isn't free but I will be doing this in Nov for Christmas presents to everyone. I will figure out the costs and post it later)
------- That is $76 minus Columbia House because it isn't free. I am going to sign up for everything when the baby takes a nap. I will let you know how long it took me.

Now some people might think this is too much work for $76 because you have to cancel everything. BUT it is $76 you didn't have before. Are you saving for something or do you need to pay off a credit card? Can you not pick up extra hours at work because you have kids at home? Do this in the your spare time and score a little extra cash.


Patti said...

I think I'll try it next weekend, or during the week if we get a snow day. :)

Amy Looney said...

I have Inbox Dollars and I haven't done anything like that. I did the arthritis one, but I still haven't received credit. Let us know how it goes!

Amanda said...

My SIL does Inbox Dollars, but I haven't yet. Please do let us know how it goes.

Also, thanks for coming commenting on my blog today. I must find the 100 things for $7.oo forum, and the CVS threads on DisBoards. (We frequented that site before going to Disney, but I would have never considered it for other savings opportunities -- Thanks!) Do you have some specific links you'd recommend?

I'm really interested in the CVS ECB thing. I accidently did ECB when my DD was in diapers, but I don't know exactly how it worked out, and unfortunately, I've not spent a great deal of time trying since. I'd love some specifics.