Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anyone have 50K I can borrow? - JK :)

Every winter I get Myrtle Beach fever. It goes a little farther than just wanting to go.

I really want to buy a condo in MB.

My problem is the price. But temptation reared it's ugly head today. There is a two story motel across the street from the ocean that has been gutted and turned into condos. They are 50K which is much better than the 150K on the ocean across the street.

The pool isn't as good as an ocean front unit but I can't afford an ocean front one. Plus I spend a lot of time on the sand when I go to MB!

The room is a standard room. There are two beds, a closet, an eating area and a fridge and microwave. There is a small area to put in a kitchenette. Here is a pic of the bath:

Simple and clean.

Here is the pool, do you see the ocean?

If I can get someone to go in on it with me (my mom maybe since we go to the beach together) and we rent it in the high season, my share would be $100-150 a month.

Ever see something and think ok, that is it and not really second guess yourself? That is what I am doing now with this unit! I keep thinking I can work in that amount and still keep with my other goals. I think with an incentive like that I'll find a way to earn the extra money without taking away from my adoption fund.

So is it a crazy idea? I don't see how something so close to the ocean would go down in value (in fact the units with a kitchenette added are going for 65K). I have an email out to the realtor to find out what the taxes and association fees are. Is there anything I should know about owning a unit so close to the ocean?

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Julie said...

Hey - if you get any takers on the $50k loan, will you pass my name along to them too? :)