Friday, March 14, 2008

More Baby Loot :)

Let's hope I make some money from the sale because I've spent $40 now at it (I know, I know). Today I got a pair of Gymboree denim butterfly capris for $5 and the matching sandals for another $5 (new with tags). I also got three Gymboree blankies that don't look like they've been used. One is the butterfly pattern and I also got two different princess ones. They were just $4 each (they are over $20 in the store). Now I'll be able to weed out the blankets that I don't care for and replace them with super cute ones :)

I also got her 3 sweatsuits, sweater and jeans from Ebay today in the mail. It's all super cute, I need to take pictures :)

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