Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt - Take 2!

We went to Tia's church today to egg hunt. Natalie "found" 5 eggs and got a prize for finding a fancy one.

Cute huh?

She wore my new favorite outfit, her butterfly capris and her little green top. Her sandals were a little too big, maybe this summer they'll fit a little better. And her capris are more like cropped pants, maybe she'll be wearing these next year too!

Power napping before the great hunt!
Lemme out of here, I wanna hunt eggs!

Sweet little baby!

Me and my peep Tia!


Eliza2006 said...

I love the pic of her napping with her cute little bottom in the air! Happy Easter!!!


Saph said...

Soooo cute!!! That's how my daughter used to sleep in the crib. Her butt was way up in the air. Wish we lived near each other. My girl would've loved playing with your daughter. =)