Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lookie at our eggs!

Since there are just two of us and we prefer our eggs scrambled, I did just 6 eggs this year. Maybe next year Natalie will help, all she did tonight was try to throw the eggs.

I boiled the eggs wrapped in onion skins for the first time! It was really cool! Here are the instructions...

I forgot to soak the skins and wrapped them dry on the egg. I didn't have any cheesecloth either so I used flannel. My eggs came out really pretty, a little splotchier than what they would of been if I had soaked the skins. Next year I'll do it again and maybe dunk them in beet juice after I do the onion part to get a fun mosaic look.

Tada! I like them , they are different :)

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Southerner said...

We didn't do any eggs this year since we were in Gatlinburg. We also didn't go to church for the 1st time ever on Easter since we were traveling home. I feel like we didn't really celebrate Easter this year.

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