Thursday, March 06, 2008

How I've been spending my money!

I totally forgot I'm suppose to be confessing my spending to help me keep on track. Since my last post about it, I've had two days of shopping.

Yesterday was a doozy! I spent $160 at the vet getting 3 cats fixed and getting their shots. That might sound like a lot but it is less than half of a regular vet because I used a big spay/neuter clinic. That money came out of my emergency fund (aka tax return). I also went to Walmart and bought a 7 foot tall indoor palm tree for the nursery for $10 (and it's real! and its not in the budget! lol) and I got an oil change and tire rotation for another $25. I also spent $25ish on ribbons to make hairbows to hopefully sell next week at the big consignment sale. Hmm..oh ya, we ate at McDonalds for breakfast for about $5.50. I also got gas, something in the high $20's. Whew I think that is it!

Today was just a grocery day. Raise your hand if you love to grocery shop (me! me!). Ever wonder what other people buy at the grocer? Well here you go!
1 Chocolate Soy Milk half gallon 1.65
4 half gallons of milk (cheaper than gallons this week!) 1.88 each
1 pack of sausage (this is sooo good - they make it in the meat department out of pork roast. It doesn't turn that nasty dark brown color when you cook it more like a light tan sort of like a seasoned pork chop yum!) - $2.09
1 marked down chicken - a 6 pound roaster, 79 cents a pound - $4.83 (in the oven now! there goes my meal planning!)
6 bags of Picsweet steamers, asian veggies and summer medley - $.89 each
1 tub of frosting $1.09
1 cake mix $1.00
1 salad dressing $2.49
1 bag of chips $1.49
1 grape juice - $2.50
1 bag 10 bean soup - $1.00
1 bag dried split peas - $.79
1 can of salt and vinegar pringles - $1.00
1 bag of barlett pears - $1.82
1 bag of winesap apples - $1.56
1 bag of zuchinni - $2.52
with tax - $39.67

Now did we need all this? Nope not really. It was a pretty sunny day and I took scooter to daycare and thought about the last time I went to the grocery store alone. Alllll alone. What fun! But I have us stocked for a long time, all we'll need is bananas when the others are gone.

What do you buy when you go to the store? I am one of those nosey sorts that likes to see what other people buy :)


Eliza2006 said...

I LOVE grocery shopping too! I went yesterday before I picked Eliza up from school. I'll try to remember everything I bought. I spent $41.
4 oranges
4 bananas
5 cups of yogurt
1 pack tube yogurt
1 lg. container yogurt
1 sweet potato
1 lb. asparagus
1 can refried beans
1 pint heavy cream
organic pasta
1 head romaine lettuce
1 cucumber
1 bag baby carrots
Breyer's chocolate mint ice cream
ice cream cones

I think that's it.


Tara said...

How do you get so many PayPerPost Opportunities? I thought I was doing well with the 4 I have done, but you seem to have it down to a science.

I know buying clothes for the little one is fun, but you can get some really great stuff from the in your area. I got one of my staff members a car seat, walker, bassinet, diapers and a diaper genie - all in like new condition. I got my youngest daughter a bunch of clothes.

BTW - your little Natalie is gorgeous!