Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Update

Scooter went to daycare for a full day! She cried when I left but just for a couple of minutes. She played with a little more enthusiasm than before and she ate well. She slept for 1.75 hours today! Unfortunately she has broken out in spots again and it looks allergy related so I'll be packing her food for school (ha, it is daycare - in my head I call it school it doesn't sound as bad) again. I slacked off for 3 days and boom! Spots!

I took my car in today for it's 90K tune up. This car has been the best, this is the first time in the over 8 years I've had it that it's had work done. They replaced the timing belt, other engine belt thingies, the water pump, thermostat and air filter. I think they also tightened my clutch. I got my tires rotated and balanced on Wednesday along with an oil change. It really runs like a brand new car but so much better because my butt groove is already worn into the drivers seat hehe The tune up was $360 I didn't think that was bad.

I need to pay a couple of medical bills then I can say bye bye to all my tax money. Interesting how it was enough to pay for my 3 unexpected things. hhmmmm

Here are some pictures from last weekend of cutie. My mom came over and we drove around trying to find a playground that had baby swings. After 4-5 of them we found one :)

Am I suppose to land on my butt?

I dunno...
Hmm..I was just back there a second ago


kisses to mama for swinging me!

Too much excitement!

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