Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Update (Tuesday and Wednesday too!)

Whew I'm pooped! That is why I am so far behind on my posts. And my shopping deals. And my dishes. At least I've stuck to my meal plan every night! I have zero brain power left to decide what is for dinner. having a list helps a lot.

I made several hairbows for the consignment sale today. I also got about 100 things tagged and dropped off this morning. When I compared it to other people's stuff, my new item prices were about the same price as other's used items. I priced it just a touch above yardsale prices (to make up for the 30% they keep), I hope it all sells!

I told myself I wasn't going to buy any clothes (it is all summer). Well I didn't get clothes but I bought more toys (why oh why???) and two pairs of shoes. Cute baby things are my crack, I can't help myself. So this is what I bought...

Lamaze Octopus - $3 :) It is $24.99 on Amazon. It's legs honk a different note, you get a full octave. I squeezed out chopsticks on it, scooter was quite impressed :)

This is the set before the current one. I got a Sonya Lee figure instead of the little boy and an extra bird compared to the current one:) It plays music too! I paid $3, it is $14.99 new.

I also bought the Megablocks alphabet train (in front). I love blocks and these bright colors go with a lot of her other block sets (ya, I said sets..there are a lot!). This is $12.99 new, I paid $3.

Here are the two shoes, both are new with tags. The shiney Gymboree ones were just $3, and the brown satin tennis shoes were $4. I wish they had photographed better, they are both really cute. The sandals were $22 (EECK) and the tennis shoes were $12.99.

And I got 6 more peek a blocks. She is rough on her blocks (she walks on her hands and feet, sticks blocks in her hands and puts her butt in the air and clomps around) so these are backups. She's a big peek a blog fan. Blocks are about $10, I paid $2. can say I spent $18 today on all of this or you can say I SAVED $79.96 (plus tax!!) by buying this stuff used. Ya, let's go with that :)

More pictures...

Here she is in purple. And yes I cropped out the HUGE mess all around her haha

And here she is walking on her hands and feet with her butt in the air.

And here she is in mama's favorite outfit, her faded jeans and her rockstar kitty shirt hehe

Bye for now!


Beverly said...

she is very cute!!


Linds said...

Love the outfits! My Emma used to walk like that with her buttser in the air...aren't little girls a trip?