Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Consignment Sale!

I am so excited! Next week is the big consignment sale. They rent a community center, do lots of advertising and let people bring their loot to sell. I love that it is 3 days, indoors and the commission is just 30% (compared to the consignment stores at 50%). Preshopping is Thursday night but I am not planning on buying anything. Winter is almost over in TN and scooter has tons of gorgeous summer clothes. She has a lot of nice fall stuff too. Regular sale days are Friday and Saturday, half price is Sunday. There isn't a lot I am putting into the sale on Sunday I think. The items I am selling are new or like new and I think I can get more money by taking them to a regular consignment store. I am also willing to hold some stuff until next year's spring sale.

As soon as I get done with this post (I know, why am I even posting?) I am going to set up an excel sheet with the item name, description, my seller ID and the price. Then I'll do a mail merge and print out my tags from my inventory sheet. High tech huh?

I am also making a lot of bows and I guess this is the real reason for my post. I am making clippies, decorated alligator clips and also regular cute bows made of sheer ribbon on the same type of clip. How much should I charge? Is $2.50 too much for a bow? Could I get $6 for a 3 pack? Ideas? Thoughts?

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