Friday, March 28, 2008

Revolution Money!

I got a new button for Revolution Money today...

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
Let me tell you why I like this service/bank. I am a big Ebay fan but the fees are getting out of control. I know advertising costs money and those cute commercials were really funny. But over the top advertising for a company that didn't need any of it..well that is silly. So now they have to make up for all those high costs by increasing the fees for sellers. I know they are doing a penny listing week, but only for those with certain ratings. People like me who would like to list 100 things at a penny, can't because I've not sold anything in awhile. It doesn't matter that my 600+ feedback is almost perfect and that I've been a member since 1999. Nice huh? Plus think about this, when you buy something on Ebay, how do you pay? Paypal of course! Owned by Ebay. Your poor seller is again hit with credit card fees, EVEN if you don't use a credit card to pay them.

So here is money revolution. I'm not telling you to not shop Ebay (because then I'll have to stop shopping Ebay and I'd cry!) but maybe you could try paying in a different way. Revolution Money is a banking service and when you sign up you'll get $25. You will need to provide your social (patriot act) but you'll be able to use that $25 to have fun with. Get your friend's and family to sign up and you'll get $10 per referral too.

So back to my button...
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
Pretty huh? Want $25? Please click and sign up and I'll stick that $10 of referral moola into my adoption fund. Woooohhoooo!


Tara said...

I signed up!!! Hello to your $10! I accepted my money already! Hopefully I will get a couple of referrals under my name.

Kim said...

YAY Thanks!!