Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby Loot Update

Ok, I cheated and went online and borrowed pictures of the second batch of baby loot I bought at the consignment sale :)

Here are the three blankets, butterfly capris and butterfly sandals. I love them! I have everything washed and hanging to dry (I am trying a new thing, I've read a lot lately about air drying all the clothes to make them last longer. I put them in the dryer to knock off the lint and airdry them the rest of the way.) She is taking the butterfly blanket to daycare tomorrow. I love that it's so cute and it's really soft and that if it does get messed up, I invested $4 not 20 something. Yay for consignment sales!

Just the capris here, I have a green top for her to wear with ruffles that is also Gymboree that I bought at Ross years ago. Nice how they don't change the colors and you can match things up from year to year :)
Mine are new with tags.

Fun stuff huh? :) Tomorrow I pick up the things that didn't sell and my check! I think it will be over $100 easy with the stroller and hairbows being gone. I didn't mark any of my stuff to go half off today because I priced it low enough already. Plus half off then 70% of that is 35% of the original price. I'd like to try 50% at a consignment store before I try that. I am excited to see how much sold :)

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Cute stuff!