Saturday, March 29, 2008

Picture Reminder :)

I have spent hours now organizing my pictures on my PC. Why? Because someone (me! hehe) has filled up her 80 gig hard drive with baby cuteness :)

So now I have a picture schedule. Every Saturday night I am going to upload my pictures to Walgreens to wait for a coupon deal (I think the 25free code is still working BTW - you can use it 5 times).

The first day of every month I am going to burn last month's pictures to a disk.

I've not posted picture since last Saturday? What's wrong with me? lol

Easter Day :)

(action shot coming to Mama!)

The other day she woke up an hour early. I didn't know what to do with her so I made a bottle (she is back on formula, she likes it better than milk and I like how she drinks 8 ounces now compared to 4 before). I took a quick shower and came back to this...

The bottle in her mouth made her snore lol

Ok that is it for now. I have more pictures but they are trapped in my camera until I burn my pictures to disk. No joke, I have 68 gigs to burn!


CC said...

Just adorable! When my children first came home (okay, who am I kidding, this was true up until a few months ago) we took 1000/month! So I definitely know what it's like to have all your memory filled with baby cuteness!

Tara said...

Too cute!
- So to comment on your comment about PPP - they are pretty sparing with their post these days.
I am waiting on approval for my post from the 1k Tuesday. I got the $500 post. I hope it goes through because we could really use it.
Have you ever seen my personal blog that covers more of my parenting life. Counting Days

Mommy Cracked said...

How precious!!!