Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daycare Update

After daycare today :)

Ok so today went better and when I picked her up, she blew kisses to the teacher and kissed me. Yesterday she was stunned and really upset. She didn't want to be held by me and didn't want to play with me at all. So today she was about 25% of herself when I got her and she is at 100% now :)

I let her eat the lunch at daycare. It was all crap but I did it anyway. I think instead of bringing an entire lunch I am going to bring fruit and veggies to supplement it. I don't want to turn her off of the good stuff by looking at the kids all around her and want to eat what they are eating. Also I don't think she is eating enough at daycare. She ate an entire banana, a string cheese and 5 ounces of milk when we got home. That is an entire meal for her and it really wasn't time for her to eat that amount of food. I guess its another thing to talk to them about.

I didn't do well today at all lol I laid in bed in the dark and watched TV lol I checked the clock 2-300 times and was like wooohhooo baby time! lol

Here are a lot more food pictures. Several years from now she'll be like "Did I do anything but eat?"

From yesterday. I was told she doesn't eat beans. She ate two plates when she got home. That really bugs me.

She isn't big on sweets but will eat jelly (sort of). She usually smears it all around and eats 5% of it hehe

And here was my sweet wookie. I took this picture to show off all his fluffiness and the fact my kitchen floor is CLEAN. Check that out baby!

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