Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meal Plan Monday 3/16/08

First I'd like to mention we stuck to the meal plan all throughout the week except for today. Woohhooo! With the baby and I both being almost sick, I just didn't want to smell a chicken roasting in the oven. Since I was tired all this week, it was nice just to look at a list and make it, no thought or planning needed.

Monday - Ham and Cabbage stir fry (cabbage, carrots, onions and ham with 5 spice powder over rice noodles)
Tuesday - Bean, ham and carrot soup in the crockpot (this will use up the last of the Feb ham I hope!) Leftovers from Monday, it made way more than I thought it would.
Wednesday - Spaghetti over rice and peas (leftovers from freezer) I found a t-bone steak in the freezer! Woohhoo! I cut it in little pieces (for the baby to chew) and marinated it in Italian dressing. She'll love that, she's all about the stinky stuff. We will also have mashed sweet potatoes. I also put a whole chicken in the oven this afternoon :)
Thursday - Taco rice (chickpeas, chicken, rice, cheese, taco seasoning, onion...stuff like that)
Friday - BBQ Chicken and summer medley veggies (I am going to BBQ it after I take it off the bones so I can make stock)
Saturday - repeat Friday
Sunday - family dinner at my grandparent's house

So there you go. It is simple and easy food but at least I am cooking and not going through a drive through.


Eliza2006 said...

I love reading your meal plans. I try to make one every week. I was able to stick to mine this week too. It's really nice to not have to look in the cupboards and try and figure out what to make. I find that if I make a menu I can pretty easily stick to $50/week on groceries without any difficulty (does that count the $123 I spent at Costco yesterday? It actually wasn't food, but other stuff...yikes! i need to stay out of that store!).

Whimspiration said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! smile* Your meal plan looks really good for this week.

I'm not doing anything drastic to get my weight loss, just drinking whole juices (nothing with corn syrup added), having water nearby at all times, not eating anything that's been microwaved, getting a good breakfast every day, and getting enough sleep. It really works wonders. *smile*

For the most part, I'm just eating well, not changing my physical activity level much if at all, and just eating whole foods instead of processed or artificial stuff.

I do fee-based weight loss consulting as well, but what I told you is the basics for any effective weight loss system.

Best of luck on reaching your goals!