Saturday, March 08, 2008

Inbox Dollars - Update :)

So remember I was going to work on my inbox dollars account and clock it to see how much I could make in a certain amount of time. I choose an hour, which I worked in 2 30 minute stretches. I made notes on what I tried and what I didn't and why :)

You can earn...
$4 for requesting more information about arthritis medicine (for my parents) zero cost
I requested the information but have not received the $4 credit yet to my account
$7 for trying (for shipping Ebay stuff)
This was easy to sign up for plus you get $5 in stamps. I will cancel my membership on the 23rd.
$8 for requested a free credit report
I didn't do this one because I already know what is on my credit report. I might do this next week.
$10 for trying Experian credit monitoring
Same as above.
$8 for trying a discount coupon type site
I signed up for this and canceled the membership about 3 days later when I got the credit on my account. Was easy to sign up for and cancel.
$5 to try emusic
I paid $.99 to sign up for this. I will be canceling it today after I download some stuff :)
$5 to try Clever Island (I think this is reading for kids)
This was a deal where this service was free if you signed up for another promo on their site to "pay" for clever island. It made my head hurt and was too much for $5.
$4 to try a AAA type service
I didn't find the free part of this. I will check it out again next week.
$10 to join the cat in the hat club, 7 books for about $10 so this works out to zero
I am going to do this next month when I have more misc money in my budget.
$10 to try blogging for dollars
I paid $1.99 for the trial and canceled just a couple of days later after I got my credit.
$5 to join Ebay
I already have an Ebay ID. Actually two.
$15 to do Columbia House's DVD program (this isn't free but I will be doing this in Nov for Christmas presents to everyone. I will figure out the costs and post it later)
I will do this later on in the year.

I also did College Information Direct and didn't finish the sign up because it wanted a valid phone number. I thought that was weird but I still got the $2 woohoo! lol

My account now has $39.56 in it. I spent $2.98 so I made $36.58 in an hour. I can handle that :)

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