Friday, March 07, 2008

More Shopping!

Ok so yesterday I talked about what I had been spending so far this month.

In order to keep track of where I am heading I like to plan out big events as well as I can (which is sometimes not very good, think of the birthday party overage!). The next big event in our household is Christmas. We have a few birthdays here and there but they don't matter... we are old we don't celebrate much anymore :)

This year will be totally different for me because of Natalie. Normally I'm one of those freaks that are out and about at 5am grabbing all the good deals. But how on earth am I going to do that with an almost 2 year old? Can you imagine the fit she's going to pitch when I drag her cute little hiney out of bed at 4am? It's not going to be pretty.

So this year I'm thinking online is the key. To plan it out now is the time to find a site to discuss black friday deals. Why Kim, it's only March, why now? Well because there are some horribly organized women out there (not me) that I sponge information from. These women are able to buy presents for their entire extended family for practically nothing. These are the people you want to get in with good early on in the year. Trust me! So bookmark the site and start your planning now for the best deals :)


Amanda said...

You don't have to wait 'til Black Friday to stock up for Christmas. Periodically, stores clear things out at 75-90% off. (I already have 2008 birthday presents and much of Christmas from such a sale.) New goods can be found at thrift stores, garage sales, and on eBay from time to time. Also, you can use grocery store gift cards (from transferred prescriptions, etc.) to stock up on toys and craft supplies. You can also partner with friends who are braving the crowds and have them pick up that must have item for you. Good luck!

Doreen said...

uh....can we please have more pics of Nathalie...
proud single mom to faith and Mia