Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Update - Part Two

I am making this face because I don't like being dirty and I know I am in trouble for standing up in my highchair and giving my mama a heart attack!
I changed my mind. I LOVE being dirty!
How handy, someone put a giant napkin over the window!

See I put a little there, and a little there - I think it really ads to the overall look.

Groovin at Texas Roadhouse in my new jeans and glitter kitty shirt :)

Mama come on, you are blinding me with that flash!Egerly awaiting my food. My shirt says "I'm a rock star!" It's mama's favorite.

After dinner we went to Walmart ($77 spent on groceries, cat supplies and a huge amount of diaper wipes because I had 75 cent off coupons). This was the sunset, pretty huh?

And when we got home I had a nice surprise :) My pens from Ebay were here! Everyone collects something, this is my something :) I have probably 20 of the outline head type pens now. My collection started when I worked for the new hire marketing group, they would pass out plain Mickey head ones with info packets. Sometimes Goofy too. I would sometimes find them in the outlets for $1-2 each instead of $4 in the parks. I do have a couple of paid $4 for (prefrugal lol) but I prefer to buy them on Ebay from people who wish they hadn't bought them. I paid less than $2 each for this batch and I didn't have any of these so this is a good buy for my collection. I can't wait until the front room is cleared out. I decided it will be a Disney theme and I'll use all my stuff from over the years. I am not sure what the wall color will be, I am leaning towards yellow :)

Ok that is it for now. Bye bye!


Saph said...

Awww, she is soooo cute!! I found you through someone's else blog and I love to read about people that have adopted from China - prob cause I'm chinese myself. =) We have a daughter of our own, but would like to adopt sometime in the future.

Amanda said...

That is one little cutie!! What a doll!