Monday, March 03, 2008

My baby can walk!

I am waiting for the picture from another AP!

Angie got her all reved up and let her loose to come to mama and she was doing a good 4-5 steps on some of her runs. I'd pick her up and bounce her and that would rev her up again lol I got quite a few runs out of it. And I have like 30 witnesses that she can walk! What a great place to take your first steps, your monthly China adoption group meeting!

Go Natalie Go!!

Daycare was awful. She cried a lot. She didn't eat her normal food. She didn't sleep right. She was a mess. I hope tomorrow is better!!

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Angie said...

So glad I was there to see it! Go, baby, go! I am so proud of you!
Love - Angie

Eliza2006 said...

I don't know if you were reading my blog this fall when Eliza started daycare, but it was the worst, hardest time of my life. I had to keep telling myself I would give it until Christmas (4 months) and if it wasn't any better I'd find something else. It took her about 2 months. She still cries here and there, but for only a minute or two. For the most part she loves it and even asks to go sometimes. You really couldn't pay me any amount of $ to relive those first weeks at daycare. It's one of my major concerns about adopting was just that stressful. Hang in there it will get better for both of you.


Mrs Nespy said...

Go, Natalie, go! Aren't kids awesome?!

As for daycare, the first month our son went was heart-wretching for me. He did not adjust well and sucked a blister onto his thumb to soothe himself. You should be encouraged to know thought that soon he was not only okay with going, but excited. She will adjust and will soon love going. And you have to keep telling yourself what I did...the socialization is good for her. It has made a world of difference in how our son plays with others and his vocabulary has GREATLY increased. Hang in there!