Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Mid Day Update

Warm enough for a summer dress :)

Hooray for toys!

Huh? What? Why are we home? Because someone went to bed at 7:15pm and woke up at 9am. No joke. I figured if she was that tired then she needed to sleep. I am pretty sure its her teeth. The last time she slept like that she also grew a whole inch! And she was up a lot last night crying and rubbing her poor little mouth. She is such a slow teether (she only has 6 teeth Tia has 14 or 16, I've lost track!) and her teeth take a month to come in once they decide to appear!

So here we are. I am cleaning and she is helping me. I put all her blocks in a pile in the living room and she takes them one at a time to her block bucket to tidy up :)

Not to scare anyone but the house is starting to look like a house! I am doing a detailed vacuuming..once again not to scare anyone, but I MOVED FURNITURE! I am going to catch up on all the dishes (hate doing dishes) and all the laundry.

I am also gathering more things for Chelle's and my yardsale! We had one last year and I did great. I hope to make a lot more this time, I am slashing prices, everything must go! I still hope to have one sale in April and May at my house but we have reserved the community center for June 6&7th. I think one thing we'll do this time that we didn't do last was put a lot of big ticket items outside to draw people in.

I also want to go to the petting zoo that is on the mountain loop a few properties down from Chelle's grandparents. They have all kinds of animals, I want to take pictures of Natalie playing with them :)

In between those last two paragraphs she went back to bed. When she totally FREAKS out (I called for the cat and she went nuts) into bed she goes. Already asleep! Crazy!

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