Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lots of Tuesday Ramblings

Thanks for all the well wishes about the DD#2 post :) I've decided just to focus on what I need to do before I have a second baby. That means being more creative with $$, getting on a better cleaning and cooking schedule and getting rid of a lot of clutter. I'll figure out the race part later on, right now I am just focusing on my todo list...you know..the one I was suppose to finish up before Natalie got here :) And thank you to the other mom who shall not be named until she decides to tell everyone herself, for all the info on the different agencies. It didn't take long at all to decide to go for it :)

Spring is trying really hard to come to TN. My toes are green from mowing the grass tonight. Crazy how weeds look JUST LIKE grass when they are only a couple of inches tall :) It is warm during the day and freezing at night. I can't wait until I can turn off the heat and have those two months of $15 power bills!

Speaking of bills, I had a nice surprise today. My car insurance dropped again. Ready for this? $93. For 6 months. Yup...sometimes driving a small car and NOT ramming it into other cars really pays off! :)

And then listen to this dummy moment I had yesterday morning. I get paid twice a month. In Jan my paychecks didn't have daycare coming out pre tax. In Feb, I was shorted on both checks. March, I was given my adoption credit and paid for those extra days. So for someone on salary, I didn't know how much I was getting lol So I get my March 30th paycheck and it is $120 more than what I thought it was suppose to be. Hmm then I get the SAME amount on April 15th. Holy cow! I miscalculated my paychecks by $240 a MONTH. $2880 a year. So I am putting a little of that into the budget and the rest is going into the baby fund woohoo

Ok, so it's time for my monthly Pay Per Post totals. If all my referrals come through, my total is $960.48 :) But some of the sign ups are old and if I had to guess I am closer to $800-850. My ads have really slowed down because they do not load as many at night and I am at work now during the day. But that is ok, if I can still make $100 a month putting up the ads (and ya'll are willing to read/skip them) I will be a happy camper. If you want to make $20 and start getting paid to put ads in your blog (the 50 word one below took 2 minutes and was $8) you can click on the purple box to the right and sign up :)

Sometimes when I put Natalie to bed she'll lay there talking to her feet (I think the child is double jointed, she can pull her foot way past her head, do back bends, splits and front rolls). It sort of goes like "lorlloooloooloo bbbbpsssttt looloolooloolooloo cabbage!"I've been a big slacker with picture taking so I ran in and took a few :)

With her new bear, it has angel wings, it is super cute (thanks Darla!)

Hi Mama! (look how long her hair is!)

Ok I'll sleep now, night night!


Beverly said...

She is a cutie.


iamwright said...

So will you be traveling to UT to pick up your little one? You're welcome to come stay with me if you need a place to crash while you're here! I'm so very excited for you!!!! :) You HAVE to keep me posted and if you need anything, you just let me know.

OziMum said...

I don't think I've met (ha-ha! cyber-met) anyone as thrifty as you! You amaze me!

Natalie is so beautiful. What a good match cc.aa made!