Saturday, April 12, 2008

CVS Fun :)

Scooter in her cute little outfit, one of the many that Bonnie gave us :) Orange is her color - go VOLS!

Okie, I've not been to CVS in so long my ECBs were getting ready to expire. I had $18ish in ECBS and I did three transactions total. I liked this week because I was able to buy things I needed!

Transaction One
3 Essence of Beauty gift bags - $4.89 - paid OOP, I didn't know if the deal was going to work Got a $5 ECB

Transaction Two
12 Essence of Beauty Gift bags & two letter post its - $20-ish- applied $18ish in ECBs and paid about 50 cents OOP - got a $20 ECB

Transaction Three
3 jumbo packs of huggies and 2 more post its and one highlighter egg (easter) = $30.69 - $3 in huggies coupons - 25 in ECBs. I paid about 50 cents for this order too :) got a $10 ECB :)

So for under $6, I was able to stock up diapers, get 15 giftbags for all occasions, get 4 fun post its and a silly little egg (for 5 cents) that is a highlighter :) I probably could of done better but I was pleased with my totals since I'm totally out of my bargain groove!

Want to hear something funny (sad)? This is my stockpile, and I am not done gathering it all.
Toothpaste - 14
Mouthwash - 14
Toothbrushes - 16
Shampoo- 4
Hairspray- 25
Conditioner- 18
Makeup- 7
Bodywash - 10 (and some are huge!)

I got into the bad habit of putting it into my red cabinet in my bedroom, in the bathroom and in my closet. I am now putting it all in my kitchen closet (which was last months organizing project, I'll post about that later). I'll probably find more as I go (hehe) and it's really nice to have it all in one place now :) And it was worse, this is after I pulled out the brands that I didn't care for to give away or yard sale.

Now ask me why I have all of this? Because it was free or almost free. And you never know when the freebie programs are going to stop and you will have to PAY for toothpaste. I've not paid for toothpaste since 2001. To actually buy a tube now would feel really weird! lol

That is enough craziness for now. Thanks for all the comments on the bite. I put neosporin on it and the redness went away and it is a light bruise now. It looks a lot better but I still plan to get to the bottom of it on Monday!

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