Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday Update

Soooooo tired! Natalie doesn't sleep well at night AT ALL anymore it seems. I had to take half a day off work to take a nap. But of course I didn't even get to nap because there was too much to do. So I stumbled around in my fog and I am hoping for an 9pm bedtime!!!

The car is packed and ready to go. We are going to try to leave at 4am so that Natalie will sleep going over the mountain.

Cute picture time!
Do you want fries with that?

Muwah! My regards to the chef!

Corn Casserole makes me happy!

Crazy bath hair.

I don't have a laptop but the hotel has computers. I'll try to post some cute beach pictures of the kiddo. Bye!


girlville said...

hope y'all are having a great time! get the beach ready for me ;-)

K said...

As a daycare provider, I'm alarmed by the amount of bites your daughter is getting in daycare. Around here, if a kid bites three times, they are kicked out of the daycare for good.

In 11 years of going daycare, I've only had two or three bites TOTAL and they all came from the same kid in the same month.

Many kids do get filthy in daycare but it shouldn't happen. I go through at least two washcloths per kid per day. I don't use paper towels, too much waste and they don't do a good enough job.

Perhaps you shop around for another daycare, perhaps a licensed home daycare where the kids get more attention.