Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday Update

Lots of things to post :)

The car isn't as bad as the mechanic said it would be. I took it in on Tuesday morning and showed him the wadded up part. That isn't the motor, it is the regulator. He winced when he said it and I asked how much. He said around $300 for the part and $100 for the labor (it takes awhile to work in a tiny space and put a door back together). Well crap. I still can't really complain, this is the first thing to break, the other work was the 90K maintenance, the first set of maintenance I had done on the car lol So tho $400 wasn't great, it wasn't the end of the world. Soooo he calls me later on to tell me when the part would be in and says it is only $120! With tax and labor, about $229! And I saved $50 by taking the door apart myself! YAY! Why is it that $229 is SOOO much less than $400? Heck I can do $229, here's my check :) The part is in tomorrow and they are putting it back together Friday. Woohooo!

I got the baby's clothes from the online Walmart order. Unfortunately both of the little knit dresses are adorable and I need to keep them lol The pink sweater is a bad color so it's going back. I have to reorder the white one in a smaller size. The green track suit is CUTE! Its amazing what you can accumulate in returns for Walmart. I keep mine in the kitchen closet until it is enough to make the stand in line time worth it. Tonight I returned $65 of stuff! Holy cow! How did I manage to let that happen? I spent the $65 plus one buck tonight on stuff we'll use up this month. So that made me feel a little better. I got some groceries, the baby a bathing suit...

and more socks. Where do her socks go? I swear she is eating them or something. I also got other goodies, too boring to post here.

I was able to sell my 1300 shares of Ford stock yesterday at a small profit. This frees up my day trade moola. I am still siting on a lot of stocks that I bought right before the big drop. I think they'll go back up, I just need to give them time. The stock is the main part of my adoption fund for DD#2, so let's hope it recovers in time.

My beach fever is going strong!

Did you see I got to write TWO ads on Monday? Two! Yippee! $21.50! If you aren't writing ads on your blog...well why not? Click the pay per post logo on the right and sign up :)

In a truly frugal and responsible move, we are no longer cruising for 14 days starting in Nov. We've decided that is too long in a little cabin (we being me, my mom and the baby). So we are canceling the 6 day portion. I figured that would save me about $700 plus whatever fun things we were going to do. That $700 almost pays for Disney next year so that is a good move I think :)

Hmm I think that is it for now. For those who made it to the bottom of my boring post..I have pictures! :)

Half of an Easter egg..too bad you can't hear the giggle giggle snort snort when she does this :)

Hiney in the air!

Tonight, all pretty in green after her bath (someone (Natalie) smeared her lunch from head to toe). Ready to go to Walmart!

So tired, smearing myself from head to two with greasy junk food from daycare wears me out.

Ok, I'll go, but hippo has to come too.

I told you I was tired. Fell asleep in the car seat and just woke up long enough for a PJ change and a bottle. Night night!

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Eliza2006 said...

Wal-mart has some cute stuff! My mom bought Eliza a dress from there recently. I had her picture taken in it. A lot of their stuff seems to mimic Hanna Andersson...without the price tag!
BTW- speaking of adoption #2. I've recently been looking into domestic adoption. I'm pretty sure this is the route I am going to take. Now I need to start saving like a mad woman!