Monday, April 07, 2008


So driving to daycare today, I roll down the passenger's window and it won't go back up. It is 40 degrees and we are 5 miles from daycare. Manage to get there without giving the baby frostbite then I start thinking...I am 18 miles from work, all interstate. It took a couple of hours to warm up!

So Dad comes over and we take the door apart. There are two wires attached to different places in the window, I am guessing one for each direction. Those wire wrap around a bobbin (and I know that isn't the techie term but it looks like a big fat flat sewing machine bobbin) and hook in. One of those has tangled up and won't let the window roll up. FANNNtastic.

So before we even take apart the door I call my mechanic. They can't work me in until Thursday. Then they'll have to order parts and fix it on Tuesday. A whole week with a window down? No way!

So that is why my car window now sports 20 feet of the finest black duct tape. I used painters tape to go over the painted part then looked the tape over the top and stuck it to the glass on the other side. It is just as pretty as it sounds, too bad my camera batteries are dead right now!

But on happy news, Ann got a new car today! (and she reads my blog so hi Ann!) and it's just not a new car, it's the new version of MY car!

My car.. 2000 Hyundai Elantra
Ann's 2008 Elantra!

Doesn't it look better? This will NOT help with my new car fever! :)

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