Saturday, April 05, 2008

Check out these clothes :)

Tonight I was looking for an inexpensive bathing suit for our beach trip. I wanted it to be cute, but I didn't want to put a lot into it because she'd only wear it for this trip. I found a couple I liked at (of all places) and I am going to go there tomorrow to check them out (OH THE HORROR! NOT ON A SUNDAY! CRAZY PEOPLE GO ON SUNDAY!! ha).

While on the site I found these cute clothes and ordered them. I've gotten so much on clearance, the only clothes scooter will need for winter is a coat (maybe, I have one that might fit) and tennis shoes. Maybe a pair of jeans too if I can find a cute pair. For daycare I am going to put her in sweatsuit type outfits that she can play in. The three I bought on Ebay last month were too big. I also have the cute red and pink one. Then I have the gray and pink outfit. This green one will be her 6th outfit:

It was on clearance for $7.
Then I got these two dresses marked down to $4 each...

They are knit so they'll be great everyday dresses. I plan to just keep one, I ordered both to see which color I liked the best.

These sweaters were $5.94 each. I am just going to keep one also, I didn't know how pink the pink one would be (some pinks glow in the dark!)

So her 6 new outfits mixed in with one of the sweaters to go over her overalls. She'll also have two purple carters outfits that are new and one old carters one. That is 10 outfits. I am just curious, how much clothing does your baby have?


Mrs Nespy said...

I'll shamefully say that when he was tiny, he had more clothes than he could wear. We (and his nanny) would change him throughout the day because had we not, he would not have worn some of the stuff he had! Yes, that is a waste, but they were 98% gifts that we loved!

For now, I've gotten into the rut of sending him to daycare in the same outfits because I don't want to get his "good clothes" dirty, so there are times on teh weekend that I overdress him for the same reason. However, most of what he has is still hand-me-downs from a cousin and too cute to pass up. I'm trying to get better at it! What little boy (or girl, really) needs all of that?!

Mutha Mae said...

That video is soooo stinkin cute. I watched it twice. What it is with our China girls and their love of singing and dancing? My bio kids never did that. Your sweetie even sings the exact same way mine does. Can you imagine if you had never gone to China? My life wouldn't be this good, I know that for sure.

OziMum said...

I don't have a clue how many I've got stored away for Mini... probably about 30 outfits (that is, 30 summer / 30 winter!!!) And I don't even know how big she'll big... that's the beauty of e.bay! The buyers love the "with tags" items!!

I love your new bargains - gorgeous!


You've been tagged by me at DEBTSMACK!

Camille said...

Oh my gosh, she has so many... probably closer to 30 or 40? But in my defense, I bought her a few tee shirts, that's it. The rest are hand-me-downs, gifts, and from a grandma who loves to shop!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your daughter is just adorable!