Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Friday Post

It's all about me tonight!

Went to Lane Bryant and got a lot of stuff on sale. Two pairs of jeans and 6 tops for $104 plus tax (like $113). I think that is pretty good, especially with jeans thrown in there! I got...
Two pairs of faded boot cut jeans $80
a thin hippie red sweater that I can wear all year long $10
the same sweater in turquoise $10
a pretty spring green thin sweater with 3/4 length sleeves that I can wear all year long $20
a chocolate brown hippie shirt with short sleeves $15
a plumish blue long sleeved sweater with bell sleeves $10
a black hippie looking long sleeved sweater that has a fake shirt underneath- it sort of flairs out $10
The order was $320. With the markdowns it was $154 (the jeans weren't sale at all but badly needed). Then I got $50 off of $150. So I got some nice work sweaters for just $6.66. You can't beat that :)

And sad to say I think that is it for the day. Tomorrow is our March of Dimes Walk for Babies and I am charging the camera batteries now. I am going to put her little cowgirl shirt and her ragged on purpose faded jeans. Oh and hot pink squeaker shoes! :)

Come back tomorrow for pictures :)

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