Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Catch Up Post


First, sorry to those who left comments this week, I managed to hit the wrong button when dealing with a spammer and rejected a bunch :( so sorry :( I had a tag in there, please resend! I love tags! :)

So here is our summary for the week...
Monday - Natalie was bitten twice at school during lunch. Once on the side of her face, once on her hand. The same kid did it both times. That kid now doesn't get to eat with the other kids. I was told Natalie was the only kid in there that didn't bite. Fantastic.

Tuesday - Hmm can't think of anything that happened on Tuesday! The weather was nice and the bite was better!

Wednesday - Went with Chelle to Applebees. The baby was cute as snot. Did you know they have $1.99 kids meals if you buy a meal? If you have a party of 2.5, you can get a burger, a half priced app and a kids meal for about $14. I think that is pretty good for 3 people and there is enough for leftovers.

This is from Sunday, she wasn't impressed.

Thursday - Ford stock rallied at their report of a profit for the first quarter. I sold it all, not for as high as I could of (woulda coulda shoulda) but it was ok. I set the price before I went to work not thinking it would get anywhere close to what I set it for (and it shot like 60 cents over that doh) I am now a very small amount in the hole which I feel lucky about because I know people still 50K in the hole with their stocks! Now I am in the position of being able to buy 5-10,000 shares of cheap stocks and just hold them for 3-10 cents and sell them quick. Ideally I'd set it to buy one day and set it to sell the next. 2 good trades a week would make me very very happy :) 5 good trades a week and I'd quit my job! lol

Did you know with our corporate discount I can get a Focus for 12K? It is in my top three. I am not actively looking for a car, but the time will quickly approach since my car is 8.5 years old.

Friday - Ford stock dropped almost as much as it went up. Feeling SO much better about my sale. I could rebuy my entire portfolio and spend 1500 less than what I had in it (which I will do with a little bit of $$, not all of it).

Dancing in her first skirt outfit! Look at that crazy hair!
She doesn't get the "ladies don't pull their skirts over their heads" thing yet. This is another Bonnie outfit, thanks Bonnie! :)

Today, we did the Heart Walk and it was a bust. After you walked there wasn't anything to do so we just left. Natalie got her picture taken by the online version of our newspaper:

We ate Chinese then crashed for a 2 hour nap. Natalie has become super clingy which I kind of like. Before she wouldn't snuggle and she'd kick or wiggle her way out of your hold. Now she wants to sit on my lap and be carried and held all the time. She likes to snuggle up in the morning when I let her sleep with me (when she wakes up at 4 all ready to go!)

Tomorrow is the last day of this month's budget. I am over about $150 lol I am still putting away the $$ amount I wanted every month into savings but I did want to keep some of the padding from my paycheck miscalc for fun stuff.

Has anyone already spent their stimulus check...before they even got it? :) I gave some to March of Dimes, some to my dentist and some to Lane Bryant. What did/are you all going to do with yours?

Bye for now!


chinamom said...

Hi Kim,

Sophie and I so enjoy your blog! She still gets a kick out of Natalie's singing and she actually looks like she is mouthing the words along with Natalie!

Thanks for being so good about writing and updating!

Jeannine and Sophie

iamwright said...

Kimmie, you MUST buy the FOCUS... I LOVE this car!!! I'm on my second one and all my friends have them too.. :)