Thursday, April 03, 2008

Beach Trip :)

I am so hyped, less than 4 weeks until we leave for the beach!

We go to the ocean (cruise/reg beach) a couple of times a year. The ocean is my favorite vacation spot. I can spend hours looking for shells for my flower beds. I guess this trip will be me spending hours taking seashells OUT of Natalie's mouth! lol

So let's talk about the trip for a minute :) We are going for 7 nights and will be staying in a room that has a kitchenette. We are going to eat out twice at night and we usually break down and eat Chinese for lunch once too. Actually our dinners are Chinese, there is a place a little north of our resort that is a Chinese buffet with seafood. Their Chinese is so so but the seafood is really good. So instead of paying $20 a head to eat seafood at the beach, we pay $9 with an early bird coupon :) The other food we'll be bringing with us (I know some of you are like why on earth are you cooking on vacation? So we can have another vacation - maybe two later on in the year...have to stretch the vacation funds!) For breakfast we'll be doing fruit, cereal and milk. For lunch we'll do sandwiches, chips, fruit and tea. Dinner is a little bit more complicated. Our kitchenette has pots and pans so we can cook real meals. I don't have it 100% figured out, but part of me is very tempted to bring 5 bags of steamer veggies then 5 bags of protein like white fish, shrimp, chicken and ground beef.

The room it pretty cheap I think too. I know it is the off season but it is only $454 for 7 nights. My share is half of that. Gas won't be more than $120. Eating out will be $30. Trinkets and pretties will be minimal (I hope haha). Since the food I'll be taking is from the regular food money, I am looking at $317. The budget is $400.

For the trip I do need a couple of shirts and capris but I will choose items I can wear to work too. Natalie needs a bathing suit. I've already bought my favorite sunscreen (Avon, it doesn't make me sweat and it was on clearance and good for several years!). We already have towels. Natalie got a float in her easter basket. I bought swim diapers years ago because I just knew we'd swim in China (that was when I didn't have a realistic idea of what the trip my head it was a vacation with a baby HAA HAA HAAA). Natalie's summer clothes are wonderful, just wait for the pictures.

All this "talk" of the trip makes me want to go pack! lol

I didn't post a picture of the bloody nose and I wish I had taken one. I'd be the only mama scrapbooking my kid's first huge bloody nose! lol

So I leave you with these gems from China. Look how little she is!!! I am just now to the point where I can look at some of the pictures and remember some good times while I was there (it was a horrid trip).

Now if I had known today was "I'm going to take a picture of your baby and put it on all her official paperwork" I wouldn't of put her in the dress with the pants because it looked so boyish. Look how little she is tho! Those clothes just hung on her, they were 6-12 months old navy.
Natalie didn't let lack of teeth stop her from eating anything she wanted. She'd take big hunks of watermelon and grind it in her gums!

At Lucy's the last day, really really really wanting a french fry!

That's it for now, bye!


girlville said...

hey, we are going to the in-law's condo in N. MB in a month too! we arrive on Cinco de Mayo. i'm very excited save for the fact that none of my summer clothes currently fit :-(

girlville said...

we stay across from Barefoot co-worker went for easter and reports that the white tigers are out at the tiger preservation place - something to go look at for free (no one says you have to have your picture made with them!).

mom_of2boys said...

After reading your post, I'm ready to go to the beach too! We don't go until the first weekend of June. I've already started to look for coupons and free or cheap things to do in the evening. We are pulling a camper down so our place to stay won't be as expensive but I'm looking for the gas to be outrageous!

Hope you have fun!