Monday, April 14, 2008

A Good(ie) Day :)

I got a goodie packet from Disney :) I applied to be on their mom panel but was rejected :( (<--this is me weeping).

This is the best kind of goodie, one I didn't expect at all!

Stickers, a big magnet, a mouse pad, a planning DVD AND 2 Tinkerbelle trading pins! I love trading pins but do not buy them because those little suckers start to get expensive. :)

I decided this morning that Jenna will be a domestic adoption. I am going to use an agency in UT. I know another single mom that is doing the same thing. I thought about it for a couple of hours and it just seemed like the right way to go :) I am not sure yet what sort of referral I am going to ask for (they call it situation, which I think is odd so I'll stick with referral!). I am undecided if Jenna will be Asian so she and Natalie will share a common background. Or do I let them choose a child for me like China did (and did SUCH a good job!) and not worry about matching race (which sounds odd too)? And really, who is in charge of matching anyway, it's certainly not a "person". Something to also think about, Natalie has a large China support group locally. If I let the agency choose, I can be matched with another little girl in about a month. If I go that route I would like to wait until Natalie is almost/is three.

So I am in savings mode. If they match me, the cost will be about 15K. I should get 3K back from my health insurance and another 3K back from my company. I will also get to use part of a 10K tax credit.

And I've called her Jenna for a few months now, but what do you think of Nora? Is that too serious next to a name like Natalie? Funny how I am more worried about the name than the process :)



Eliza2006 said...

I LOVE the name Nora. Very cute next to Natalie!


Michelle said...


Would you mind sharing the name of the agency in UT?

Have a nice day

Mrs Nespy said...

I think I like Nora myself. It is more serious sounding than Natalie, but who knows...maybe she'll be a serious child. =) Or maybe she'll blow that association with the name away and give you a new "definition" of Nora.

I'm really excited for you. You seem to be an excellent mom to Natalie and it really warms my heart that people like you are willing to raise beautiful children who don't have anyone else. God bless you!

Keep us updated!

Beverly said...

I am very interested in this journey you are taking as I am a single mom too and would like to adopt another girl within the next 3 years.



I got my Disney Moms packet too--I was so excited!!! Do you ever visit I love that site--so many disney addicts and tons of awesome information!

Kristen said...

Wow.. BIG news!!!

I love the name Jenna (have a good friend with a lovely daughter named Jenna) But, Nora is beautiful. sorry, no help here!!!

Kim said...

Hey Kim, Natalie's mother!! This is Kim, the other Kim in Tennessee. I have a new blog! It's private so email me your email address so I can invite you to read it!!


Kim said...

Kim, the other Kim from TN again. Natalie is sooooo friggin' adorable! I love the video on the blog! To cute!!


girlville said...

a) i LOVE the name it!
b) the child that is meant for you is the child you will get. i don't think matching race is all that important (but that's just MY opinion). i'm sure any child you are matched with will love you and natalie and you will love her just as much as you love natalie regardless of race or nationality.
c) that stinks disney mom's panel didn't chose you - but look at those awesome departing gifts ;-)

Super Mom Online said...

One of my girls name is Jenna. Nora is very serious but she might end up being a very serious child so it could fit. I have a friend who has a daughter named Cora.