Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Good Grief

Who knew a little kid's nose could bleed so much? I don't know if this has gotten through on my posts, but Natalie isn't a dainty little thing. She is rough and tumble and likes to play hard. Since she's been here, she's done two full face plants on the hardwood and scratches/bumps something every day it seems. She plays hard!

So today she decided to play chicken with a bigger kid and lost! lol I think she pretty much shoved a block up her nose when she landed on the floor. What is worse than snot bubbles? BLOOD bubbles! I thought she (me) was going to faint!

But she seems not to mind a bit. Nice and dirty again just how she likes it. Mama put her in her pretty fairy shirt today too. One, glad I got it on clearance for $2 because she ruined it! Two..well there is no two, she ruined it. I am not sure my whole container of shout can get that shirt clean. We ate Chinese tonight so it has a nice layer of noodles, chicken, broccoli and oranges ground into it also.

I could get that man who likes to yell BAM AND THE DIRT IS GONE to come over and see if he could get it clean without ruining the special fairy wand and ribbons on it (see I try, the fluffy stuff doesn't rub off on her tho). Something tells me he'd leave the house weeping and rethinking his life choices!

Ok so let's talk about the video on the right side. I love love love this video, it shows a little chunk of her big personality. If you have a baby that is 12-18 months, will you play the video to them and see what happens? I really think they understand her, I've had three people tell me their babies talk to it around the middle section. Natalie goes nuts when I play it for her, screams, beats on my leg and hops up and down. I'd love to know what she's saying! :)

Bye for now!


Amy Looney said...

Aren't those blood bubbles the scariest? My foster sister has awful nosebleeds sometime, and I freak out. I can't stand the sight of blood. You should have seen us at Christmas. She got one in the middle of Dollywood. Mom was pushing her chair and I'm practically on top of her trying to hold tissues on there until we could get her to the bathroom. I hope the little one feels better!

Diane said...

Sounds like she's one tough cookie! I love the video too. I thought it sounded like she was singing a song.

Stephe said...

I LOVE that video and THAT SMILE. I totally giggled with the THUMP at the end!

Sorry to hear Natalie hurt her nose! Poor Baby! Sending her big fat HUGS!!

(Sorry I haven't been posting much! Unhappy with my PPP venture. BUT, they just got back to me on Tuesday with a response to the question sent!!! Maybe on Sunday I can dedicate time to actually getting my FIRST post to go through) Glad you found me on Pirate's Blog. You should see what he bought today!!!

Thanks for all your help!!

Beverly said...

Peroxide might work to get it out too.


~ Alison & Mali ~ said...

Aw, glad she's ok. I would've fainted for sure!

Mali wears a lot of white . . . I use the (liquid) spray OxyClean for laundry. It works better than anything I've found, especially on blood - just let it sit for a while.

Good luck!

Turning Over a New Tree said...

Hi Kim, it's one of your travel buddies, Lisa, just checking in on you and Natalie. I just watched the video! Natalie is the cutest thing ever. It looks like you guys are having a blast! one of these days i will get my act together and send you video of you two from china. take care!