Friday, April 04, 2008

Just some pictures

Not much to post tonight. We had a normal day. I am looking forward to scrubbing down the house tomorrow, it is a mess. Hopefully it will dry up enough so I can mow my grass, the yard looks awful!

Here are some pics from the last 2 days :)

Ya, its the cat's water dish *sigh*

Her favorite bucket :)

She carries it around :)

Jeans on hiney....

jeans on head!



Julie said...


OziMum said...

Maybe Natalie is starting a new fashion trend with "head jeans"!

I don't think the "cat bowl hat" will really take off though!!!

Doreen said...

Can I tell you again how cute she is and how much I love your blog????
Songle Mom to Faith and Mia

chinamom said...

Hi Kim and Natalie,

Sophie and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your blog... Sophie is still smiling and giggling at Natalie's "singing"... I wish we knew what these girls are hearing.... :)

Jeannine and Miss Sophie