Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back from the Beach!

Ok, I have decided that cruising has ruined me from having a normal vacation. When I am able to cruise for $50-100 a day, I just feel like that is a reasonable amount to pay for lodging, food and most of my entertainment.

When I go to someplace like Myrtle Beach no one feeds me, they don't clean my room twice a day (and leave me chocolates!) and the waters aren't crystal clear. I like to see my toes when I am in the ocean! And if you eat out three cheap meals a day, the costs are comparable too!

The weather was nice, high 70's low 80's. But when the wind was blowing it could get cooooold. Sometimes when you were walking around the pool, the wind tunnel effect from in between the tall buildings would blast you and freeze you from head to toe. Otherwise the light breeze was really nice, you didn't get too hot.

The food was fine. My mom was a witch. The baby was cranky half the time and didn't sleep well. The second day into it I really regretted wasting 6 vacation days for this trip!

But I have some cute pictures and I learned that from now on Natalie and I will travel with people closer to my age or just by ourselves!

On to the pictures....

Why is it dark? Why am I in my PJs?

Giggle giggle snort snort snort

Lookie mommy a little house for me!

Look at what I can do!
Fun with my orange hat!

At Barefoot Landing

Fun in the sun!

Fun at the pool

(nice "seefood" shot, she got tickled while eating animal crackers)

Coming home, NC welcome center.

Trying to get her to pose...that doesn't really work!

Ok that is it for now - bye!


Sincerely Yours said...

Your little girl is so precious! Glad you enjoyed your cruise for the most part. I can relate to the stress of traveling with a little one. Last year we had to take 2 planes and a long car ride to and from our vacation destination. My son was 15 months old and the traveling was stressful. He was getting new teeth and had a fever the first day, not to mention the fact that he wasn't sleeping. Very fussy! Things improved after day 2 and we ended up having a great time. I do think we will not travel as far this year and we will probably drive.

Beverly said...

She is adorable!!


Diane said...

Natalie is getting so big! Can she possibly get any cuter? I love her crocs!

Matt, Kathy & Chani said...

She's quite the little ham.

mom_of2boys said...

We're heading to Myrtle Beach in June and it's already looking like a miserable trip!

You daughter is adorable! I love how she explores new places...LOL