Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Update

This weekend was my favorite type, nice and quiet. I like hanging out with the baby at home playing and cleaning. I was able to make great process in my living room. I cleaned out the TV cabinet and I was able to free up the entire bottom shelf. Now the mess that was in my built it is stored down there. I still need to clean up my desk that is in here and clean off the other desk that is going into the yard sale. Some of Natalie's toys were put into a storage box (because right now she is playing with a silicone muffin cup, a spatula, a small tupperware cup, a tissue box and a spatula) and rolled underneath her bed. I found the missing diapers too, they were under the crib. Well duh, that was a great place to store them. Too bad I didn't remember that before I tore apart the kitchen closet looking for them!

I've been thinking about what I would of bought compared to what I did buy for Natalie. Here is my rundown, I hope this helps someone else!

If you don't want to be chained to your washer buy 7 sets of bedding. Buy white sheets and white mattress protectors. Buy white blankets. Wash and bleach those once a week and you won't be scrambling for stuff mid week. Worried about the cost? Stock up at yard sales before you buy new. I got my three covers new but they were under $3 in clearance sections over the years. My best crib sheets came from Ross at $6 (Wamsutta) and my least expensive Carters ones came from a yard sale for a quarter. I only have 4, wish I had 7!

Bottles! Used bottles work just fine. You can boil them if that makes you feel better. Just be sure to check the nipples for any wear and if you find it then toss them. I would recommend that you avoid bent neck bottles that are small on top. I have a set that is normal in the body then it pinches in, the flairs back out. Those are very hard to clean! The easiest to clean are these:

they come apart and are super easy to clean. These are the only ones I have that come clean in the dishwasher :) toys from yardsales. I know it is tempting to buy all the cute new stuff out there but in just a few months you'll be up to your neck in toys! Out of Natalie's toys, there are 4 things I would 100% buy again.
One, her blocks (she loves them). I got them all at yard sales for $1-$3 a bag instead of $20 a bag. Just toss them in a sink full of hot soapy bleach water for a bit, rinse well and air dry. You'll save a ton.
Two, her Fisher Price puppy, I would buy this new. She loves it!
Three, her musical Fisher Price table. It is the $40 version (I got her's used for $5). She turns it on herself and plays with it multiple times a day. It is the one with food on it and plays a ton of music.
Four, her Fisher Price train. She has always loved this.

And truthfully, if she just had these 4 toys, she'd be fine. But noooo, I have several hundred other things for her. So if you want to save a bundle, the toy department is the place to cut.

Clothes - I don't know if I am qualified to give clothing advice. I do know the cute dresses I got aren't worn a lot and that I don't have enough cheap knit comfy daycare clothes. Right now I have 5 daycare outfits that are less than $10 each. We using denim shorts ($4 pennys), 2 pairs of denim capris (50 cents and $4), pink shorts ($5) and flowered shorts (free). I have about 8 shirts that are rotated around with that. In a perfect world I would have 10 complete daycare outfits that I'd wash all together.

I guess that is it for now. Here are a few pictures :)

Fun with blocks....

It's for you!

then what did she say?....
hang on, my other line is ringing

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Stephe said...

Thanks for the great tips!!! You always have the best. I will definately get 7 days worth of crib sheets. I have about 4 now but in all different colors. I will hunt for white.

Did you buy too many clothes pre-Natalie that didn't fit?

Still LOVIN' your blog!

Sorry about baby kitty! : (