Friday, May 23, 2008

Poor little thing

Pipsqueak died today while I was at work. He was so active yesterday but this morning he looked really bad. I fed him, washed him and hoped he'd still be here when I got back. He is the first kitten that has died on me like that. He was just so pitiful from the very beginning :(

I am getting inquiries on his siblings. I have small pictures at work and I am going to blow those up and hang them in several places. The black one with the white spot on the chest is a girl. The other black one I can't figure out. The blank and white one is a boy I think. The girl really really likes me and cries for me all the time. It's the same trick Fifi, Laney and Monkey used on me!

Speaking of the kids, I don't think I posted that everyone except for Wookie is outside now. They didn't want to go out but I just couldn't keep up with all the cleaning once I went back to work. They weren't too pleased when it happened, one warm day I opened a window (one story house) kissed them on the head and tossed them out the window (that wasn't as bad as it sounds!). So now I have one indoor kitty and 7 outdoor kitties. So you can see I REALLY don't need these three new kitties!

I almost caught the mom today. ALMOST! ARG!

I had a weird thing happen earlier. An old man stopped at my upper driveway, looked on the road and threw something in my yard. I only caught part of it, I just knew he had killed a cat. But actually he tossed a baby blue jay into my yard. I guess he thought it was dead but it wasn't. I had to keep the cats off of it until it hoped back to it's tree. I guess that explains why the parents have been dive bombing the cats. Marie got nailed on the head pretty bad, I tried not to laugh but her bewildered look just tickled me. Monkey almost caught the baby, if I hadn't caught her leg she'd be hacking up baby blue feathers right now.

Natalie had a good week at school and was super cute both Thursday and Today when I picked her up. If she is on the other side of the room she'll ball up her little fist and shake them by her sides and let out a insanely loud OOHHHHHHH and run to me. It's pretty darn cute :)

Natalie also has a new way of pitching a fit. She puts her little head on the floor then her little hiney in the air and screeeeeams. I hate to tell her, with all the screaming she did in China....her whiny cry now doesn't bother me a bit lol

Look...something to show her prom date. This was caused because I wasn't making her bottle fast enough. BTW that is spit not snot lol

Look at those little fat knees! :)

That's it for now, bye!

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Beverly said...

LOL!! Great blackmail pic.