Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Update

Today was Natalie's 15 month well baby visit. She has a sinus infection but besides that she is all good. She is 31.5 inches tall (70%) and 21.5 pounds (25%).

Natalie has some odd marks on her that I used to think were just accidents. Sometimes I wonder if she wasn't marked by her birth mom. I know most of us hope someday we'll be able to connect with the birth parents, this would be one way of telling Natalie from other babies. She has a pinch mark scar on her cheek that the director said was on her when she came in. The spots I thought were her small pox marks aren't (Dr confirmed). They are pinch marks too. I can't imagine what sort of situations a baby could get into and get those type of marks. I am interested in what other IA moms think, I'll take pictures of them tomorrow.

So she was cute at the Drs office except when she got her shots. Of course she screamed and screamed and screamed. The billing problem was escalated to the office manager and I didn't even have to be mean, that made me happy.

I am working on yard sale stuff, I've managed to make an awful mess. I have enough priced to have a decent showing I think. My dad is coming over to help me watch the baby, during slow times I am going to price more loot. The big sale is a week from tomorrow, this little one is to just help me reduce the volume. There is a ton of stuff!

What I downloaded from my camera today...

I guess a good mommy wouldn't of stopped to take a picture on the way to making her get down lol
Starting to remember what happens at the docs

Goovin at the doc in my diaper and beads

She puts the phone to her ear and goes heywhoa dan u heywhoa dan u


When I was cleaning on Sat I organized my shells by country. Check out what I found in Myrtle Beach...

Cool tooth

holy cow! cool BIG tooth!

Check out the serrated edge along the gum. This my friends is why I don't get in water where I can't see my toes.

Bye for now!


iamwright said...

Are they seriously pinch marks? My babies have really dark spots on them called mongolian birth marks. Have you heard of those? Is it possible she has them?

OziMum said...

Love the diaper and beads! I'm sure its a fashion that'll catch on!

Gorgeous kittens too!