Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Update


Let's see...this week I started carpooling. We are saving the world one gallon of gas at a time!

I am kicking butt with my day trading, I am up 4.8% for this month. Next week I am poised to make another 2%. I am totally in my groove!

I picked out our cruises for late 2009, I am still looking for a spring one. We are going to do a 5 day eastern then hang out for a day then leave on a 7 day western. Two different types of ships too, should be lots of fun :)

This weekend I hope to dog out my little garden. My beans are in those little peat pots and some are 6 inches tall already. I started them inside so they wouldn't be too little and be trampled if the cats played in them. We are going to the farmers market in the morning to buy tomato plants too :)

We went out to eat tonight and she was really good while she was hungry and the food was coming. Then she was super squirmy and we had to leave. But here is a cute picture :)

Bye for now, I'll post more later! :)

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