Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well Crap

Kittens for sale


Buy one for a penny get one free! Buy four and I'll give ya $20!

Still trying to catch their mother who is a stray. Luckily they tamed in just a few minutes, they like baths and wet cat food.

Natalie was sick today so I missed another day at work. I am quickly running out of off time! But I think she feels better. After she expelled the demons she ate well and wasn't as wheezy. She decided to do a forward flip out of her highchair today too. She landed on her back and conked her head on the tile floor. She cried for about 2 minutes then pushed me away to get blocks. Ideally I'd never have to hear that thud sound again!

Why did I spend money on 100s of toys? Note the trash bags, at least I got some of my yard sale stuff ready today.

Sailing my cardboard ship in my diaper!

Smile for mommy!

That's it for now, see ya!

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