Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Update

We had a quiet weekend which was nice for once. We only left for a few minutes to pick up dinner tonight. The rest of the time was PJ time!

The little stinker found a paci tonight in the yard sale stuff. She wouldn't take one when she was a baby but what does she do tonight? Pop it in her mouth and cry if I tried to take it out. Some days I feel like she is regressing, she cries like her heart is broken for bottles. And now she likes pacis. I see braces in our future!

She really has become a mimic. Every night we sit on the sofa and yell. But instead of random yelling she likes to do (like all the time) we are yelling our phonics. We get all the way to "G" (GA!) and she gets stuck there because that is her Chinese name. So after she says that 20-30 times she'll move to "H" (ha!) which becomes HI! then that gets her waving and she switches to bye bye bye bye bye bye. Today she clearly said cookie, purple, puppy, mama, kim, kitty cat and ookie (wookie). But she won't say anything clearly on her own only if I prompt her.

She also has figured out to wave her arm for hi and bye bye and to blow kisses. Normally she'd do a fishy face or smack her lips with her hand. Now she makes kissy sounds on her hand and releases it.

She has figured out you are suppose to sit on the bean bag chair and that the blue puppy rocks. She has also discovered she can stand on the seat of the puppy and "surf". She knows a lot of commands from me, drop, close, back and march!. She will unload the washer and put everything in the dryer. Then she'll go and get a few blocks and put those in the washer then just look at me like "well, where is the soap?". When she gets close to something I don't want her to be near I say back! then march! and she'll waddle away in toddler cuteness. A lot of times she'll kick one foot in the air while she marches, it's pretty darn cute.

She has stopped eating for me. I am going to the grocer tomorrow to get all kinds of new things I normally don't cook to see if she'll eat it. I am also going to get some lean cuisine type meals for her just to get some variety (I'm good with PB lol). She will eat 2-3 teaspoons for each meal. Sometimes she'll snack on fruit during the day. Her formula intake is good though!

I only took a few pictures this weekend, this morning just to show her crazy hair. It has gotten so long so quick. She went to bed with a damp head last night and a bunch of it was sticking up this morning, I just laughed and laughed. She was like cool it mom .... I need a bottle.

Sleepy and dazed!

I officially reserved the "secret cabins" on the Destiny and Valor last night for Oct 2009. They are 1A cabins (the least expensive on the ship) that have 2 picture windows. There are two of these great cabins, one has a twin on the floor and one in the air (we'll get a rolllaway). The other has 1 king permanently put together. There is a some noise in this type of cabin because of the location but it is in the morning when we dock (we had the same cabin last Sept on a different ship) and its not like Natalie will let me sleep past 6am anyway :)

I think that is it for now - bye!


Beverly said...

Paci should not be refused. Fingers would be so much worse because she will grow out of the paci with very little dental damage but you can't get rid of a finger so I would prefer the paci to the finger any day!!

Amanda said...

The Valor was the ship I was on for my very first cruise. LOVED IT!!! Are you going to St. Thomas? I'm so jealous if you are. Heck, I'm jealous period. Your little girl is adorable!!