Monday, May 19, 2008

I feel so grown up!

Ever have days where you feel very grown up? Like you have your act together, even just for a day?

Today I was looking over my expenses and where my next paycheck was going. I put the beach trip on a different card (Disney Rewards) because I misplaced my Citi card (it was in my purse, the one I carried the whole time).
What I realized is....(drum roll please).... I get to keep this paycheck. Citi doesn't get it, Chase doesn't get it. The power people, phone people, cable people, insurance people....everyone has their share. HA! It's mine, all mine!

So what am I going to do with it? Wait for it (this is the grown up part).....

I am saving this extra cash for my retirement. TADA How is that for a boring grown up decision? :) (and you really thought I was going to post something good tonight huh?)

Ok is a funny picture I got today:

Redneck Calamari

The baby said cookie about 20 times tonight. She also said ookie several times and pointed at wookie. We went to the grocer tonight and she was so cute with her little bear and baby bottle (the little 2 ounce one from the hospital). She also isn't interested in the paci anymore - whew! dodged a bullet there!

I am up to 5.55% for the month so far with etrade. If I keep that up (which I know I can't, I'm just pretending out loud) I'll retire in three years! But seriously, if I keep moving forward at 2%, I am out of corporate land when I am 40. Woohoooo!

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