Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yard Sale Day!

Can you believe I made $320 on the yard sale today? And the crazy thing is, the truck was full going down and full coming back. Michelle said we just didn't pack it as tight on the way home. So that means I have a big truckload of already priced stuff ready for my sale next Sat (I hope it doesn't rain!).

I parted with some stuff that I had sentimental attachment to today. It's funny how you hang on to something for so long thinking that it means something. I didn't want to sell it, told myself I should and I was totally ok when it went out the door. It's just stuff, things I've had in storage for 6 years. Time to let go!

After I pay my share of the community center, the ad and lunch, I expect to have $295 :) I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I am up to $811 in yard sale money and still have a lot to sell. I'm such a packrat!

Pictures from the weekend...
On the way- quilt patterned barn
One of the many small horse farms.

Do you see the horse in the left part of the pic? It's hard to see because I took this through my windshield. That crazy horse has a huge field to play in yet it hangs at the edge of the woods and watches cars. It's there everytime I drive by!

Michelle's neighbor's lamas. They also have a buffalo herd, a kangaroo, an ostritch, alpaca, horses, swans, geese, ducks, praire dogs and I think I spotted a normal old cow there once.

Two of the horses:
Why you don't speed on the backroads:

My future home sweet home. It is part of a 500 acre tract and I am going to inquire if I can buy this section only. It is a small part on the opposite side side of the road than the rest of the tract. If I had to guess it's between 3-5 acres. I'll build a small cottage house a little bit bigger than the one I already have.


Wendy said...

Great photos!!!!!! And congrats on a successful yard sale!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

You did great on your yard sale, I love the pics.

a soldier's wife said...

Congratulations on your yard sale!
I loved the pictures too!