Tuesday, June 05, 2007

18 Month LID Anniversary

18 months! How crazy is that?

I left last Saturday to head to Nashville to see my buddy Amy and to get refingerprinted for my new 171H. Had an excellent time! Amy is a chef so there are always good eats when you are with her. We had seafood stew (clams, red sauce) that she made at the house, sushi from Rusans, lamb sandwiches from Firefly and "Chinese" from PF Changs. Soo much food, sooo good!

Shopping was fantastic too! I was a good child and didn't go over my "allowance" (for once!). I got one of those castle looking cake molds in silicone for $4 (pic totally stolen from Ebay ha)

a rose cupcake pan in silicone for $3

a set of silicone pot holder and mits (4 total) for $8 for my dad (no pic from Ebay - sigh-)
and a set of gizmos that will help him make nicer pirogies. You stick the pastry in it and it folds in half and crimps the edges. I plan on stealing one out of the set so I can make dumplings :D

I also got a Sushi cookbook, a Cinderella waffle maker (ok I know, but the cheapo makers are $8, this one was $12 and I think the baby will get a kick out of having Cinderella on her waffles) & a heavy duty carrot peeler (which I always say parrot killer, dyslexia strikes again!). So nothing too weird, I always seem to buy lots of kitchen doo-hickies when I visit Amy!

I also travelled to my favorite junk store, a Goodwill in West Nashville. I was able to find a bowl and 4 coffee mugs to my dishes for $3 total. I've had these dishes for 11 years, I'd recommend them to anyone :) I also took advantage of their 10 items for $5.00 sale. When you visit a store in the nice area of town, you find nice loot even if it's just 50 cents a piece. I got my dad two pairs of like new dockers, 2 pairs of jogging pants, a suit coat (that was a stretch, I don't know if we'll be able to match it to pants), and a golf shirt (the kind with the weird fabric that you can see through in the light but not when you have it on). I really just wanted the pants for him but had to get to 10 items to get it on special. I got two pairs of Lane Bryant dress pants to Ebay/yardsale, a pair of girls Old Navy sporty pants that are really cute (yardsale) and a tank dress I think my aunt would wear. All for $5...not too shabby eh?

I also got a replacement cocktail dress for the cruise. My cool shiny black and white one from last time...what a pain in the rear to wear! It was slippery, wouldn't stay up and the straps went every whichcha way. Part of it was my fault, I did buy it in a size larger than normal because I didn't want it to be tight. So I am going to put it in the yard sale and try to get my some of my whole $18 back :) The new dress is similar in cut to my favorite black dress but it's plum and has some beads around the neckline. I'll post a pic after I find my camera's charging base. It was just $15, you have to LOVE Ross!

I also made a stop at what we call the stinky market. K&S in Nashville has great deals on odd things that I can't find here at home. I get lots of sauces, herbs, spices and dried mushrooms from here. Tofu is also half the cost of Wal-mart. The reason it's called the stinky store is they sell a lot of live fish and the smell is, well stinky. I guess if I had 200 live fish in tanks in my house it would stink too! If I still lived in Nashville I'd buy all my produce and fish there, it's so cheap. I also made a stop at Sysco and bought 2 1-pound blocks of yeast. That is about 150 packets of yeast for $5. I plan to start baking again and I'll post pics of my masterpieces shortly :D

Oh and I'm up to day 11 on being good. I kept to my $40 in the grocery store piece (stinky store & sysco) but I'm way over on eating out, like $60. Add that to the $25 I cheated on the first week, and well, I really stink at this new budget! I think I'll go pack a lunch now :D


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Happy 18! Love your baking finds too :)

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Also love the kitten video. I hope that means you got the other one back??

Kim said...

One kitten is the original Baby Jack Jack. The other is the sister I picked up. So far the spotted kitten is doing well, they moved her from the basement into the little girl's room. As long as they keep her out of the dungeon she's good :)