Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 6....

of being good...not quite working out how I wanted it to.

My first budget back-on-track fix em thing was my eating out all the time. I managed to spend my $40 at the store like I was suppose to. Then I bought 2 cokes (argg I guess that's better than the 12 I could of bought - I'm trying not to drink the stuff at all) and two lunches. And snacks when they were changing my oil. And just a few things when I ran in to get cat food. So I'm $25 off budget already.

And I also told myself, no new junk in the house! Ummm that isn't working out either. My boss called me and told me to come to her next door neighbors house to see their pre-yard sale stuff. I spent $68. yup $68. Fantastic deals tho, lemme explain!

1- I spent $20 on a 1.5 yr old white wood crib for my good friend's niece who is going to be pretty cash poor when the baby pops out this Nov. It's a nice crib and they included the mattress (I'm not sure if you are suppose to use someone else's mattress but they threw it in). There is one spot on the wood that can easily be covered with a bumper. If I didn't already have my crib I would of used it myself, it's that nice :)

2- I bought a Pottery Barn diaper bag. They got it for the dad, its chocolate brown with light blue insides. Then he ended up buying a leather manly looking thing and didn't use it. Brown and light blue are 2 colors I really like together so I am happy :) I have a gorgeous hot pink diaper bag in a CHinese print too, but it's not going to hold up, I can see it now. This is my pratical bag and I really like it. It is last year's style and are you ready for this...$59 plus tax plus $11 shipping = $75.61 woowie! - Revised - I like this a lot but it's going for $45 on ebay right now, I am pretty sure this sucker is being listed!

3- Bottles! The mom breastfed and went straight to sippy cups. She got bottles as a gift, 10 of the airvent crooked bottles. Those were $10, I thought a good deal since they are $25 a set at TRU and got two sets :) She also threw in some sippy cups and the dishwasher parts and pieces holder :)

4- Shoes! I know it's silly to buy shoes when I don't know how big her feet will be, but they were cute and all but the bunny slippers were new :)

5- Padded pink hangers - 10 of them that will look cute with her nicer outfits on them, still in the package :)

6- a chenille bunny! It's so cute and matches her bedding :)

7- 13 baby outfits and a bunny blanket (oh I know I didn't need any baby clothes, but they were cute and I'll pass them to my friend's niece if she has a girl)

So not too shappy for $68? Really $65 because I bought a beaded hippy purse for $3. New, this stuff would of been close to $500. See, $65 is a bargain! :)


Stephe said...

Hey, I love this post!! I too am trying to budget my money right now! This wait is testing my nerves and budget. I love the stuff you got! I was given a crib and mattress. I questioned the whole mattress thing even though I sorta knew the giver. (Friend of a friend) This is what I did, I sprayed the mattress with Lysol and when dry I gave it a good wipe down with a damp cloth and a little bit of Clorox Clean-up. (just a little because I didn't know how strong the clorox clean-up would be). I stood the mattress up to dry really well for about a week, then I went to Target and got one of those Allergen type Plastic crib mattress covers that zippered shut. This is what I did...just for piece of mind.

Post more stuff you get!! I love looking at it!:) I did a seperate blog just for my clearance finds and yardsale bargains! Visit me if you want at

a soldier's wife said...

I totally understand the part about Coke. It's a struggle I have all the time. I just love that soda.
Great shopping you did!

Lynn said...

Kim! Thanks for such a nice post on my blog!

LOVE your kitties! We had two the oldest is now 15! Our other one passed away 5 years ago.. miss that cute kitty stage!

Shawnstribe said...

Hi Kim
thank you for visiting my UK blog
love the kitties.
We have 3 dogs , silly spaniels...

keep posting
love from the UK

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Wow you did great, $68 for all that that's a bargain!