Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I know people are upset about the war this Memorial Day so I wanted to share something nice that happens on a weekly basis at work.

We have a troop committee. Ran by the all powerful (and sweet!) Linda, she collects donations from all over the Tri-Cities to send to our troops. She was able to get Citi's backing on the project and they have been paying shipping.

Now that might not sound like a big thing but Linda is a powerhouse when it comes to mailing boxes. And these aren't teeny boxes either, some weigh 20 pounds!

Last time I checked, Citi had mailed 800 of Linda's boxes (and I will double check that number on Tuesday!). Folks that's like 10 grand in postage. Yay Citi! Yay Troops! YAY LINDA!

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a soldier's wife said...

That is wonderful!