Monday, May 21, 2007

Kittens Kittens EVERYWHERE

A couple of days after my trip I caught three of the wild outdoor cat's kittens. They were 5-6 weeks old. All hissy and spitty, they didn't NOT like me at all.

Two girls, one black and white short haired and a long haired solid black. Plus one little runt short haired solid black boy. He looks exactly like Rocket, his older brother. Come to think of it, they look a LOT like all the other crazy cats around here.

I was able to tame the two little girls pretty easily, they liked to be petted. Yesterday I took them to Mike's house (a man that works with my mom) and his little girl Mattie named one Beauty and the other Beautiful. Perfect! By the time I left she was carrying them around in a baby blanket, they looked miserably happy :)

But this little boy is a mess. He hisses at me so much it's funny. He'll get on a spree and I think he's going to pass out. Sometimes he'll pause in his hissing spree and grab a drink of water then run back to where he was and keep hissing. But he's all show, when I pick him up he doesn't bite or claw, I think he LIKES being held but won't admit it. Men.

So anyway, I took the little bugger outside today to see if the mother cat would take him back. I can't get him fixed until he's 5 months old and he hates me so I thought this was a good solution. So we are hanging out on the front porch and along come the 10 milion cats I feed. Generation 1 - the original 4. Generation 2 - the 3 babies I bottle fed plus their rotten brother I was never able to catch. Then low and behold here comes Maggie, otherwise known as ho-cat (and I know that's not nice but good grief she's a kitten making machine, she's getting fixed in a week hooray!). All the big cats take their turn at growling at the baby (by now I've named Baby Jack Jack..he's not impressed) and Maggie didn't recognize him and that made me feel like poo. But Jack Jack is playing in my LR now. I guess he likes me now :) If I can get him tame enough I'll find a home for him too. With Maggie fixed, the three kittens gone...heck I might have ONE year where I don't have a litter of kittens. WOOOHHOOOOO

Update - in the 2 minutes it took me to upload this post Jack Jack hates me again. He's back in the bathroom in my vanity hissing at me. Thhhhpppppttt!


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

jack jack....give it up and just enjoy being looke after...I don't know men!

Kristen said...

He's sooo dang cute!!!!!! how could you not love 'em

Matt and Kathy said...

I love his blue eyes!

Frugal Disney Mom said...

Jack is to darn cute. I would have taken him. LOL