Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is blue and goes

CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP on the hardwood?

Heeelllooo....my shiney new flippers! I am a happy happy girl, someone returned a snorkel set to Wal-mart (unused I quadrupled checked :D) with my size flippers and everything!

The best part about it, the only other set I could find in my price range was $72 with shipping online.

Wal-mart price? $29.98. I hope the mask doesn't leak or anything. It's clear with blue trim. My snorkel is blue with an orange tip. It also has a backpack type of bag to keep it all together. Woohoo

So I decide to break in my flippers tonight. I chased the cat and scared the poo out of him (he's not impressed). After that exertion I crash on my sofa, put my feet up and here they are!

(boy are my feet huge!) (boy I need to caulk those seams in the wood on my ceiling!)

(wookie no like flippers, mommy not funny)


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

yep...the cat is not impressed! LOL!

Matt and Kathy said...

Good job on finding the good deal. I love when I find those.

Elissa said...

Love your blog! Mine seems so boring when I look at other people's :) I was 29 when we started this too, and it makes me feel better to think that China still thinks of me as 30. Hopefully we'll be home with our daughters before our next birthdays! Elissa