Friday, May 25, 2007

I need to vent

Ok, I got a call today, one of the litle girls was "mean" and they wanted to give it back. No biggie, not every kitten matches up to it's new family and I don't want any of my kids heading to the pound.

So I head to their house after work to pick her up. We walk through the main part of the house and head to the basement. I think ok, basement is fine, it's pretty big. We walk past the areas that are halfway finished into a small dirty room where the LAWNMOWER is stored. When we opened the door it about knocked me over, the smell of gasoline and oil. I didn't see the kittens anywhere and they rolled back the mower and they were there. I about croaked.

Dirty and scared, my poor kittens were living in filth. I took the solid black one home and made my mom call the guy since she works with him. She told him I was really upset (I chose not to say anything when I was there, when I get going, I get going and my mom does have to work with him) and he told her I could come get the kitten (with his 6 year old crying in the background..classy huh?). Then his wife came on the line and said they'd move her upstairs. When I was there I told them they could bathe her that she was used to it and they looked at my like I was a moron. They said they didn't know they could bathe a cat. Why not? They like to be clean. Common sense right?

I'm just ill about the whole thing. I don't understand people who don't take care of their pets. It's easy, if you wouldn't do it to a baby, don't do it to an animal. Keep them clean, warm, feed and love on them. It's really easy.

So anyway, the kitten count is up to 2 now. She's happy as a clam with her brother. They are in the hallway beating each other up. I swear, I've never see a kitten so excited when he saw her again. He was shaking and it took .0001 seconds for him to pounch on her, pin her and lick her. It was so cute it hurt.

But I have a knot in my stomach about the other kitten. I just want her to be happy :(

P.S. Jack Jack loves me now!


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

PLEASE go get the kitten. Now I'm worried too! I picture it under the lawn mower all by itself now... Forget about the daughter. She will loose interest.

Or at least pay them a surprise visit to make sure that they are taking care of it properly.

a soldier's wife said...

How terrible! I hate it when I see people who treat animals so horrid. We have 2 dogs, that when you get right down to it, rule our household.
I enjoyed your pictures of your cruise. We haven't gone on a cruise yet, but are hoping to go next year. I'm a big disney nut, as well and can't seem to bring myself to go anywhere else on our first cruise will probably be a disney cruise
;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog and understanding my feelings for that red can of Coke...hmm, I really want one now